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Who exactly are in the indGOlife Network?

They are specialists, coaches, mentors, tutors, therapists, or any individual that has gained experience and wisdom in everyday life situations. Coaching can be done as a small business or independently.

A coach in our directory is well-versed in their specialty. People will look to you for solid, compassionate advice on an endless list of topics. Childcare, marital issues, healthy living skills or health issues, and business relations are just small examples of what coaches can help you with.

For Those Who Want to Enlist in the Directory

When you join our coach listing, your knowledge and advice will guide people through obstacles in their lives and help them to their final goal.

Your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge with others is well-deserved and should be easy to do. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new entrepreneur, being easily accessible to prospective clients is important. This is where indiGOlife Network can help both you and your future clientele.

Many things have changed the way society comes together. You may think that finding new clientele will be difficult, but due to technology, this is no longer the case. Today, most business is conducted on the internet.

The Benefits of Being in Our Directory

One obstacle that you could run into is getting overlooked due to so many avenues to search through on the internet. indiGOlife will eliminate your professional knowledge from being overlooked in a few simple steps!

We will provide you with the platform to reach new customers quickly and efficiently. In a few moments, you will be up and running! 

Create an account, then create a profile of yourself, list your rates and your schedules. You will be able to meet with your clients via tele-visits. All these things can be arranged right on our indiGOlife platform, making your work as a life coach as easy as possible.

indiGOlife can be found easily on search engines, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, making your profile even easier to find. Join us today at indiGOlife Network to enhance your coaching career.