Halloween is a time for scares and tricks.  As a dating and self-improvement coach, it feels like the right time to remind people not to fear heartbreak.  In reality, heartbreak could be …

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Learn how to change your life using the bucket list lifestyle. It’s an easy way organize your actions to achieve your life goals and beyond!

Parenting is a challenge, but parenting while acting like a child is impossible. Learn how to manage difficult parenting situations without losing control.

Sometimes it is hard to hear advice. What is getting in the way? Is it the person giving the advice or is it our ability to receive the advice?

We all go through tough times. Finding the beauty in them is a challenge, but worth it.

Changing your mindset from negative to positive can be done. Use the secret sauce method and try it today!

Understanding how the ability to comprehend works is game changing in relationships. The pendulum theory is an easy model to explain understanding.

Anxiety comes in many forms. Anticipatory anxiety can be one of the worst kinds because we can’t predict the future.

Mindset is powerful. Stop negativity by using simple steps to identify and change your mindset.