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Guiding people, of all ages, to experience more relief and joy in their lives. During much of my life I would use my natural abilities of empathy, compassion and insight with family, friends, co-workers and sometimes even strangers. When opportunity would arise, I would listen and support, always with the intention that they are able to heal. Ultimately, I discovered people are seeking to reconnect with their own voices. Once rediscovered and the barriers removed, individuals are able to find more peace on their journey.

I hold a bachelors and masters in psychology, which has prepared me to teach and counsel individuals from varying age groups, genders, and/or socioeconomic backgrounds. Almost everyone I have worked with have the same goals, to live a more fulfilling life with less anxiety, stress, boredom, anger and so forth, and break away, from what I refer to as groundhog day, living the same scenarios over and over. For that reason, I decided to become a Potential-Focused Coach to extend my reach to others who are seeking a true connection to their natural abilities. I do this by listening in a non-judgmental way and applying my education, empathy and experience to truly understand what each person is longing to reawaken.


Personal development, Spiritual growth, Life coach, Transformational coach



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