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Undergoing a major change can stir up a lot of emotions: uncertainty, fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and even depression. Even embarking on a happy new chapter of your life can cause some of these emotional issues to flare up. This can make you feel like you’re experiencing a setback even while moving forward.

Luckily, our directory of expert online coaches understands the complex emotional journey of making these big changes. If you are feeling overwhelmed by a new chapter, we are here to help.

What Does Our Directory Offer?

Our directory offers help for those who are experiencing challenges due to:

  • Moving to a new city
  • Beginning a new career or leaving a long-term job
  • Starting a business
  • Changing their financial situation
  • Going through a divorce

…and much more!

What to Expect When Finding a Coach

We know that the mental and emotional needs of every patient are unique, with unique treatments, not one-size-fits-all therapy. They require customized expert care. That is why we have spent years gathering our directory of coaches. They are experts in their fields and have many years of experience helping people in their specific niche.

When you find an online coach through indiGOlife NetworkLifeChangers, you know that they have the top expertise in helping hundreds of others who are going through exactly what you’re going through!

Why Use a Directory?

We believe that the future of coaching is in specialization so that each individual receives the care that they need. But finding that specialist can be overwhelming, especially when you may not know where to begin.

That is why we offer a single, comprehensive directory for all the specialists you may need, from family therapists to wellness coaches, online business coaches, financial experts, spiritual advisors, investment specialists, and other expert coaches.

When you start your journey with an online coach, you will experience more fulfillment every day. They can help direct you to your wellness goals, no matter what they are. The result is a better quality of life from day to day and over the long term. That journey begins here by finding your life coach in our comprehensive directory.