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What is marriage and family therapy?

Marriage and family therapy is based on psychotherapy and talk therapy. Some sessions meet with family members individually. Other sessions are for the whole group.

This therapy examines the behaviors of everyone in the family and how others see these behaviors. It also looks at relationships built within the family, and how these are changed by family interactions.

Parents with children reach out for family therapy when family members have a hard time understanding each other. A couple about to be married may do some marriage therapy before, to clear any rocky issues. Grief, eating disorders, and alcohol issues all bring families to therapy.

How to find a marriage and family therapist?

The indiGOlife Network will help you easily find the right marriage and family therapist. Search your state in our database and you will retrieve a list of experts with different specialties to choose from. You can refine your search by town or specialization and get a smaller list.

If the marriage and family therapists you like are not near you, you may still be able to see them. Many therapists do teletherapy and can hold therapy sessions over the computer. Therapy, and talk therapy, in particular, works well this way. You may find you are more comfortable in your home than in their office.

You can also find a therapist in other ways. Talk to your friends and family. See if they have had a good (or bad) experience with anyone. Check your insurance company. Therapy may not be covered, but sometimes you find nice surprises. Look in your local phone directory.

The benefits of marriage and family therapy

You may find that your family gets along better because they know where each other is coming from. You can build skills, like how to really talk with your family members. Marriage and family therapists can help the family live with the mental illness of one member, deal with the changes or eldercare, or understand the behaviors of a child.