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Elian Haan is a global award-winning author, TV show host of “Elian’s Joy,” motivational speaker, program designer and presenter. Born in the Netherlands, she moved in her thirties to the USA. She has spent most of her professional life in the fitness and wellness industry and is a Fowler International Life and Master Coach with a yoga studio and private practice in Texas. Elian is known for her straightforward “Coach Approach” presenting and sharing her life lessons with a good dose of joy, humor, and energy. Besides her studio classes and private practice, she has worked as Wellness Counselor at a Texas inpatient rehab facility with mental health and addiction patients since 2015.
Elian is specialized in trauma informed care, pain management and anxiety intervention, and certified in many specialty programs for addiction recovery, yoga, tai chi and energy work, meditation, somatic therapy, and corrective movement exercise.
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anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction recovery



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