Ellen F. Gottlieb

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Ellen is a mindful parenting coach, certified by the Conscious Coaching Institute and was trained personally by Dr. Shefali Tsabary for decades. She founded Enlightened Parenting and has been successfully guiding parents about how to shed their entrenched patterns and create deeper connections with their children which fosters their self-confidence and reduces their anxiety.

Her first book entitled HOW TO RAISE A PARENT: Becoming a Conscious Parent in an Unconscious World was published in 2021 to wonderful acclaim. It provides step-by-step lessons illustrated by vignettes which give parents the tools they need on a daily basis to start connecting and stop inadvertently wounding their children. It also has a Conscious Toolbox for everyday use!

Ellen has expanded her coaching practice as she teaches about how to raise emotional intelligence in the corporate and medical arenas. She also coaches individuals who are not parents in mindfulness skills and works with couples in improving their communication to achieve more joyful connections within themselves and their partners.

She is an attorney and has worked in the medical/legal field for years as a litigator, arbitrator, and mediator.


Coaching parents, couples, non-parents to raise themselves through awareness and foster greater connection with their loved ones.



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