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2020 landed me on a new playing field as Executive Producer. 2021 adds Creator to my list with GivingOutLoud. What’s spectacular about this show is that we are STILL serving entrepreneurs, and we are STILL focused on solving global issues. AND – we are doing it while securing an IMPACT PROMISE from each of our IMPACT PARTNERS (whether they are nonprofit or social commerce). Check out the infographic below and let me know what you think. Step one is to film – first set scheduled in Q4 – premier is slated for Feb ’22.

I launched my first $M project with AV back in 2001 and am still grateful to have launched my first hitech venture in Austin. Now that I’m an EP, the film industry in the Silicon Hills is welcoming me with open arms. Thank you ATX.

All About That Brand is humming better than ever! Giving Out Loud was initially created to elevate our client’s brand to include an authentic social impact. The team is rolling out updated content and pulling me into the studio to up level materials for the online courses AND our VIP programs. The new website is launching this quarter as well – can’t wait.

Our award-winning podcast? Get ready for the GivingOutLoud Social Cause Impact Branding conversation that will land on AllAboutThatBrand




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