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Samuel Gozo has been a professional coach since July 2016. Over nearly six years, Samuel has helped individuals in many areas, including personal identity, making more money in their careers, healing from broken relationships, & breaking away from negative core beliefs & self-sabotaging habits. Samuel holds an ACC Credential from the International Coaching Federation and multiple other certifications that are both ICF-Accredited & beyond. He is also a life coach trainer through the Certified Life Coach Institute, an ICF-accredited school responsible for the training & certification of aspiring life coaches. Today, Integrative Clarity Coaching serves leaders through personal coaching & small group leadership facilitating— depending on the client’s needs, the sponsor, or the entire organization.

Samuel’s approach to coaching involves a combination of tools, exercises, and questions derived from various coaching modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. This allows leaders to grow in efficiency, technical structure, and emotional intelligence to experience increased performance and powerful team culture.


Leadership coaching, group coaching, and facilitating



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