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Growing up I was super shy and often kept things to myself. As an adult it took a long time (until I found coaching) to realize that shy and introverted wasn’t who I was, but rather it was a by-product of restrictive and unhelpful beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations I was making. In short, the way I viewed the world (though optimistically,) wasn’t the most helpful for living a life that felt happy, fulfilling, and free. As a result, I was always in the background pulling the strings for other people’s dreams, rather than living out my own. Once I embarked on my own coaching journey, however, my oh my – how my confidence grew!

I’ve always been interested in helping others see their own value and celebrating their successes. Seriously, it fills me with joy and excitement. In my free time I enjoy observing (in general) – especially on nature walks (where I stop and watch animals sitting in one spot for waaaay longer than the average bear) and people watching. I love laughing, humor and brainstorming funny ideas with my sister when we’re together. And I spend a lot of time writing and creating art through a variety of mediums.


Life coaching, confidence, self-awareness, life transitions, self-actualization



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