How Can You Get Through A Day Of Love…Without Your Love?

Thanksgiving is a time for family, connection, and love.  Whether you are eating dinner, watching a football game, or at a parade, you are spending time with those closest to you.  You are feeling the warmth of love, connection, and family.

If you are going through a breakup, then a special day, such as Thanksgiving, can seem daunting.  How can you get through a day of love, without your love?  I’m going to feel empty, whilst my ex doesn’t even give me a second thought – you might think.

The reality of a special day after a breakup is often quite different to how you imagine it.  Our mind tends to create the worst possible scenario and plays it on repeat in our head.  In most instances your ex WILL actually be thinking about you.  How can they not?  You had some wonderful Thanksgiving days together and it’s natural to think back to past events.  The day will act as a trigger of positive memories and increase the chance of romantic, emotional attraction growing in their mind.

How will you feel though?  Well, it’s likely you will have a challenging day.  This won’t be your favorite Thanksgiving, but it could be the turning point of your life.  It could be the day you realize that your ex thought of you again.  It could be the day you realize that with or without them, you can still smile, have fun, and feel the warmth of other people.

Thanksgiving after a breakup can be the beginning of the end of your breakup, with your ex making contact in the near future.  Even if they don’t reach out, Thanksgiving can be the beginning of the end of you feeling empty.  Friends and family can show you the warmth of support as you find the strength to stand once more and begin to heal.  Helping you walk towards a new future and eventually a new love.  With or without your ex, you will have a positive future!

Vincent Bos
Author: Vincent Bos


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