About  indiGOlife network

Indigo Life Network was founded with one simple purpose: to help entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and small businesses build their clientele by providing consumers one location when seeking a specialist.
Over the past several decades, the need for more individualized and specialized care has increased. Whether it’s a health coach specializing in Type 1 Diabetes, a financial advisor specializing in divorced or single women, a family therapist, a personal life coach specializing in rites of passage, or a customized culinary experience, the NEED is there and the specialty exists; however, we can’t always find them!

The pandemic has forever changed our lives, and as we move towards a more virtual world, the ability to connect through multiple platforms (e.g. Zoom) has proven to be an efficient and effective way to communicate and connect with individuals. Indigo Life Network brings the client and specialist together…no matter the location. Its sole purpose is to save us time while connecting, exploring, and helping all of us reach our full potential in life!

The ways in which we connect have become limitless. Let’s find each other!

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity drives the mission at Indigo Life Network. Our commitment to inclusion means everyone is welcome here. From professionals to clients, we strive to celebrate the differences in all of us and our goal at IndigoLife is to reflect a multicultural population. We seek to create a database that removes barriers and instead empowers people regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, or any other factor that makes an individual unique. Join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion as a part of the Indigo Life Network family.



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